My heart weeps as it gets hurt, not by a spear, but by words… My heart is dumb, as it cannot speak, about the words that get pierced… It needs the help of eyes and tears, to express whatever it wants to share.. My heart is like a child, that wants love and care, from… Read More WEEPING HEART

Noetic nog

 A  stranger in the dark  alley  whom I stumble upon!  , Is he  a traveller .. Or a  fraud ?  Hidden  identity or false notions confusing was his obtrusion… What made his journey secretive? Is he an impostor selling dreams, or a robber who robs everything? Vanished suddenly round the corner, leaving  the alley illuminating, dispelling… Read More Noetic nog


How far how long,shall I go on dear, When the struggle and strife  never ends ever, The patience and the calmness gets on a toll, When there is no one else to play the role? A smile on my face carried it till now, But sometimes I  wish .. You knew how I endure, To… Read More HOW LONG?


  The most abundant  element found in nature, Exists in four  different allotropic conditions, Innumerable uses of this  special one, Most commonly known as Iron..     Ferrous and ferric are its oxides, Different colours they reflect to shine, When combined with carbon , It forms “Steel”  , Iron signifies  hardness, Possesses  durability to bear… Read More IRON