Noetic nog

 A  stranger in the dark  alley

 whom I stumble upon!  ,

Is he  a traveller ..

Or a  fraud ?

 Hidden  identity or false notions

confusing was his obtrusion…

What made his journey secretive?

Is he an impostor selling dreams,

or a robber who robs everything?

Vanished suddenly round the corner,

leaving  the alley illuminating,

dispelling the darkness 

 the old  path bedecked

as   blossomed spring,

Reviving  life ,

 rejuvenating ,

the  darkest alley  of the  soul

  with serenity..

Involuntarily apprehensively,

Tied to my noetic nog,

I lost the sight of the Inimitable,

          for whom I had yearned…

…for so long.