Isn’t the orchid pale today or the azure lost its hues in frosty weather the pink lilies too seem dull when the dusk appears little purple than the scarlet pier…usual forgotten in dead remains as ashes they scatter in dust reminiscences of the beloveds who died one fateful night last summer… again prevails the… Read More PURPLE


rumblings few cannot deter the elan the zeal borne out of enthusiasm and charm betwixt the intervals by trepid  interruptions wins the way , Thou! solitary heart… Thou, hath seen enough storms tornadoes that wreck and leave torn yet thy ship has sailed through turbulence , with faith and courage , in every voyage… when… Read More “Elan”


while the mind gets narrowed with borders and limits the heart constricts suffocating emotions and sentiments regardless of realization acts a human foolish fanaticism becomes the idol of this age… Those extreme views which ne’er hath profited mankind shreds the skin with a scrape such thoughts guile and uncanny knoweth not this is not progress.… Read More Fanaticism


  Photocredit:www.wallpaperup.com   Age gracefully as, the day transforms which beautifully into  twilight ripens the sky with different hues while  breeze gets pleasant at dusk after being sultry , mature thus like the day which merges with  darkness of night silently awaiting for the new morn to be dawned sleeping in its arms gently !

Rise , Rise & Rise!

From the gravels of the earth to the surface of the mantle, Screams and demands every particle of dust, Enough is enough! Stop the turmoil and killings That spreads throughout the air of pollution, Hovering over the intoxicated breath Of men,women and children, crushing the delicate shrubs of innocence What is this mayhem for! Halt… Read More Rise , Rise & Rise!