They nv’r  learnt to rest

The untiring pair stood everywhere –

in corridors, in queue

struggling for survival

even in nights, beside the bed

burdened with duty, the lonesome pair

They surprise


smile over and share

“Tis our dedication” ,spoke the duo very clear

filling the corridors with resonance

proclaiming their presence

I unfailingly rest for few hours

While the pair of energetic legs stand forever


And  numb …under the orchid

I had awaited your steps since dawn

here you return …when the sun is about to set

When forgotten are promises

Lost are desires ,buried under the soil

The urge has vanished

and I motionless & still

stare at you…

The sun sets with a dab of crimson. It was all scarlet like my blood.






Mist, the heavenly love sprayed in the zephyr

Watched the silvery clouds from above

frosty designs created on heart of earth,

shined the periphery of  the sapphire meadow!

gazed the dancing butterflies with awe

nightingales sang the melody of life

in cadence flowed the river

what a musical opera in concert!


Wondrously the colossal mountains stared

at the beauteous spirit of nature

swayed the dense forests

smiled and fluttered the newly born leaf!

far away the mighty ocean roared

asserting its presence

to the distant golden sands

who await to be quenched .


Behold! Nature bedecks as a bride,

with jewels of flowers

diffusing the eternal fragrance in air

and a veil of the silken spread

embossing the vista in the saffron glow

ready for the nuptial vows

as a bride of eternal grandeur!


I want to touch the rainbow!

There I leap to touch the bow,
colourful and rich in grandeur,
far it moves as I try...
the rainbow floating in the sky!!!
Like a hope of flying,
as a little birdie,
as a fluttering leaf
of a winter chilly...
strive I,to touch the ultraviolet,
the nearest hue which seems over my head,
Drizzled it few hours ago,
now the sun shines with it's glow,
moments of changing seasons and weather
I still stand there to touch the etched brow!
its envision brings smile in a moment,
yet another attempt ,saddens as I fail,
I stand back once more with a new perception...
restarting my dream endeavor.

Glory to thou! Mother!

On the auspicious day of the start of Navratri today! I pray ,”May the Divine Mother bless everyone with peace,harmony,love and happiness.


Sing the glory of thee, my destiny,

The Mother of the creation,

graced who the universe

by her lotus blossoms…


in ephemeral moments ,the mind moves

thy shelter me with your presence

manifesting the divine in you

bless me with your incarnation!


in thy benign majestic form,

disperse the fragrance of eternity

a couplet that I wish to  sing

harmonizing my pulse for life long!

Indian Goddess Wallpaper__yvt2


for every word that I utter
for every thought which is born,
I sit in silence and hear
the echoes of the trembling hoar!
flew would then the time fast
leaving me behind the world afar
would I then,remember the mighty words
heard which during the early childhood …
memories fade as , wiping ones
only the etched remain as none
“young buds of the garden of life
gently grow and cherish the years!”
molded as like a soft wet ball of clay
into shapes regular or fake,
delicate the canvas of the mind
where imprints the image for life long!
in thy grace ,let the sapling grow
whence a drop of divine bless the sow,
transforming the beautiful seed of faith,
into a true tree standing with love!



WRITTEN FOR Edward's Under A Romantic Monday.

Tinkles the anklet shimmering silver,
calls out your name..
out of shiver...
the gorgeous ghaghra swirls 
swaying my thoughts...
do they reach you...
as I tiptoe and dance...?
 bangles ,the beauteous  wonder,
clinks ...
longing to  
get touched 
by the lover...
speaks the heart loudly
with thundering beats...
where hath my soul
has anyone seen him near?

He went deep into the forest,
Searching for some wood to burn,
I look for him everywhere
I pine and I yearn!

O! my Love!
ignites the fire...
waiting to enkindle your spirit,
echoes the soul , 
beckons your beloved...
with embrace of her warmth... 

* GHAGHRA: Indian traditional skirt,long ,embroidered and pleated!
* ANKLETS: jewellery of silver or gold worn in ankles.












High pitched shrilling notes

tear the softness,

even within rhythmic limits,

affect the musical senses!


Although vibrant 


forcefully they

take you somewhere

away from the euphonic…

to a different land of  disturbing air…

bewildered in the symphony…


Whereas music harmonious 

with the soft subtle notes,

strike within us the chord of melody,

to pervade


positive energy …



the surroundings

with divinity

purifying our mind and heart

for those few

moments of eternal serenity…