On that perch!

O! The singing herald chirp on that perch which awaits the sunshine and seeks hope… on the branch emerged few new leaves tender  and fluorescent green… no, it still isn’t that strong enough to hold the nest of life, yet it remains unbent and straight in days of storm and strife… Withering season marked the… Read More On that perch!


while the mind gets narrowed with borders and limits the heart constricts suffocating emotions and sentiments regardless of realization acts a human foolish fanaticism becomes the idol of this age… Those extreme views which ne’er hath profited mankind shreds the skin with a scrape such thoughts guile and uncanny knoweth not this is not progress.… Read More Fanaticism

Rise , Rise & Rise!

From the gravels of the earth to the surface of the mantle, Screams and demands every particle of dust, Enough is enough! Stop the turmoil and killings That spreads throughout the air of pollution, Hovering over the intoxicated breath Of men,women and children, crushing the delicate shrubs of innocence What is this mayhem for! Halt… Read More Rise , Rise & Rise!