Everything  deep inside the heart  becomes void ,

As you aren’t there along my side,

Heart beats can be counted upon,

when the earth stops rotating while you are thought of…

No words ,no expressions, no reactions to show,

Your absence makes me lose my glow..

Busy with my routine and the pending work,

I can’t really make out why I get disturbed?

Is it your thoughts that make my eyes wet,

Or is it for times that we have already spent ?



The music loses its melody making it monotonous..

the night appears lonely with the  moon ‘s exodus,

Deep inside the core  when I miss you and your presence,

The world around me  loses its exuberance…


Sometimes when I sit quietly with my thoughts ,

I think of the old days with you and our past,

Those days  when we were together everytime,

With no duties and  responsibilities to abide..

We lived and laughed in those times,

As the teenagers  of today’s time..

Fun and excitement all the way,

Life seemed jubilant everyday…

Now we have children around,

odd working hours and pressures around,

Being with the children when they need,

Is the need of the hour indeed…

Still then,we both are the same,

Never changed and will never again,

We wish to spend some time together,

But  never get to sit with each other…

The bond between us speaks thru our eyes,

when words dnt speak,we can feel the vibes,

what else keeps the life going…

 a smile on your face makes my heart soothing…

Love between us was romance then,

Now it is a sacred and eternal flame…



Walking through the forest,
Listening to nature’s music,
A cold wave suddenly shivers me,
Making my hand freeze,
I yearn for your warm touch and the feel…

Rustling trees around,
Scattered leaves beneath,
Dense fog throughout,
Across the path to the stream…

I have trodded many times ,
on this known path,
But  today it is different,
Without your presence afar..

Beautiful flowers dangling ,
over the road sides,
Brushing my arms with their,
soft petals during my stride…
Everything is same..,
besides you not here…
The forest too craves for you ..
as I always do my dear….