Timidly  the moon moved

from behind the clouds

Peeping for a while

then secretly  singing aloud

“where art thou”?

It sang the song of separation

A tale of  memories stacked and stored in minute cages

of the golden heart.

Melancholy and romance dissolved

in the mood of  its birth,

perplexed watching the flow of time

and awaiting for destined moment of life.

Stars of galaxy ,

twinkling in the Milky way

live & thus survive.





“My colour”



Allow me to paint  thou

thus in my  colour

Every stroke a gentle one

With a dab of aureate emblazoned

Where then  left thee in the dusk of life

towards an unknown goal

Its endless,

the walk of this journey

retread and


We  flames of divine

born as two souls

burn together

though far

at distant miles

in the lone fire of love.



Winner at NaNoWriMo- 2013

Hi everyone !

I am so happy and delighted to announce that I have completed  the challenge of writing a novel for  NaNoWriMo in flat 30 days . They have declared me as the winner because I was able to finish off in time . Its a great feeling to have achieved the goal ,as I always felt I didn’t have that patience of writing a novel.But this time I did try to push myself. For that I stayed away from WordPress for long and so missed many of the posts of my favourite bloggers.Yet I feel I can now catch up with everything,meanwhile you can read the short fiction,on the given link.

The beautiful badge as a NaNoWriMo winner makes me feel great and happy!


Catch up with the story here when you have time and please share your views too for my first attempt to write a novel…


Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me and to encourage me forever!

The Fallen Leaf!

The soul weeps in anguish

falls the leaf from the branch

   shockingly the flower is aghast

“ Why Thou! You descend and collapse…

Its still time before  death befalls….


“ tis the drop of the curse,

The curse of the loved one,

for whence I should

separate from the branch of life…


It withers my vibrant color

burns the freshness and vigor

lest I need to shrivel and die

When the curse of love transpires!


“Alas, you are the one

Who never grumbled whether ignored

 nor stumbled in a storm

walked with a word of joy,

Spreading happiness to every passer –by”.


Its my fault ,O! loved one!

The essence of my immaculateness

Ne’er reached the core of  thy  heart

I fail and now fall apart!





On the damp soil of your feelings

I walk few steps barefooted

Wets the earth of perfumed love

My feet scarred and scaled…

In garlands exotic, grandeur of

scented flowers exhume

I try to seek a glimpse

of you in solace…

Neither my word shall reach

Nor my voice can you hear

Thy wind though the messenger

carries the thoughts of embraced affection

How I wish you would perceive

my inner silence

in the shivering night’s vibration

Where turbulence hath

topsy-turvy the waves of my heart

Though in every breath

I utter your name,

in every moment in your love, I bask!


Quiet ,silent moments,

staring at the moon I suppress,

infinite emotions perturbed,

those got buried

within the deep bosom…

for the breeze flowed

and brushed

the feelings that I nurture

that are never realized at par.


When the night gracefully moves

the waves within do suffer a deluge,

how long before  final moment to come,

how far I wander

with the bruised soul,

comforting the pain ,

soothing the wounds,

when shall the

air of false hope

finally burst!


Nox is the witness

for the solitude,

reigning the time

when thoughts are in multitude.

The dawn breaks

the darkened image.

A ray of hope again reflects,

for the change

that is unseen,

with many promises

yet to be fulfilled…








Nothing can ever substitute the place that you hold,

creating a void in a whole,

nothing replenishes the thoughts,

of your words that shone…

within the darkness of my depths,

that formed when you left me alone.


Who else can I look upon,

in times of distress and warmth,

for you’re the only soul close to me,

who could feel my breath and heart…


Clinging to you or possessing you,

I don’t have any such wish,

just a touch of care and love,

that is what I ever  dreamt …


Interrupting your schedule

of work and duties,

is never on my mind,

I just want to be beside you in the struggles dominating your time…



Still if my words hurt you..

and my feelings put you in pain,

I will stay away from your shadow …

But nothing can ever interchange  your place …









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Post a mail of  few words,

parceled well and tucked,

scrambled or jumbled,

scanty ,few but not one…


Put them all in an envelope,

even if not pasted or written ,

in form of cuttings

or pictures that resemble…


I shall make a world,

using those meagre ones,

along with my imagination,

I can weave a story or a poem at once…



Words simple or  solitary

 send them across,

which are closer to   you,

or considered  meaningless often…



For it has been a long time,

since I held them close,

absorbing the nostalgic scent,

which  the paper had absorbed…



While you close the envelope,

put some air of your feel,

a touch of tender care,

and a kiss  that I missed…



My treasure has emptied,

And I wait for the precious post to arrive,

To refill my casket of thoughts,

to build castles of  words in my life…









My soul

Remembering the old times,

when your heart was mine,

time stood still and

birds flew by,

In your arms when I did die…

Smile addictive filled with love,

Never had I realised this before ,

Leaving you in the midst of  chore,

towards  the world of  divine lore!..

I still  search for the one,

who is rectifying  the work undone…

Will you abide by the promise,

that you gave on my demise,

to be calm and spread love,

without  resentment of  all done…

The world needs you much more ,

duties and responsibilities off shore,

I still stand beside you,

to fulfill your dreams and help you,

in spite of  this that I am no more,

My soul will always love you more..





Whenever I think of you and the time when you were here,

My eyes get wet and are filled in tears ,

I sit and gaze at the silent sky,

Which is lonely yet sparkles like a fly…




The sky  today is filled up with stars,

all of them twinkling except who are too far,

Or are they the planets who just keep shining,

Changing their positions to keep the destiny altering..


Wherever you are in any corner of the world,

My world starts with your whispering word,

Life seems so incomplete  without your presence,

The stars too wonder what happened to the resonance?




Loneliness surrounds when you are not around,

But the lonely starry night makes me think aloud,

These moments of solitude granted to me,

Shall seek me solace ,If  I introspect within….