In the burning ashes that lie scattered

are embers of the soulful desires

glow they for a second

when a breeze kisses them ,even if they are on pyre!


Amidst the grey powdered dust

stand  as heat of passion

raindrops extinguish their flame

but the intensity evokes the fire…


Watch the rolling stones

The gorgeous rubies round

in the grey sapphires

creating an exquisite artifact

that shall withstand weather of every ages!




the flower of elegance blushes in crimson…

as thy cheeks are  kissed

the charming breeze says!

Into the depths of mystical majesty

I enter,

as the lotus eyed blinks

whom I face!

embellished by the divinity

beautified is thy grace,

i dip and sink

in the waters of love

where celestial beings

too are refrained!


tis the ether that vapourizes

sublime soul emanates

 redolence of the miraculous passion

for aeonian

through the gracious touch of thy senses!



Watched I the creation in awe,
and found the universe within me,
an ocean of tender emotions,
thoughts deep as the sea,
blooming flowers of eternal love
the boundless joy of ecstasy,
sparkling stars like a blushing smile,
vales and hills of aspirations and dreams...
radiant moon bedecked my heart
rules the night horizon
an ardent lover of the sky,
he dwells within  forever...
As the golden dawn ,
illuminates the cosmos
dispels the darkness
thence resides the Divine
seated on the blossomed lotus
to wipe out  the iniquity... thy reflection I see,
of the universe
inside the core of my essence
an exhilarating propinquity!  


for every word that I utter
for every thought which is born,
I sit in silence and hear
the echoes of the trembling hoar!
flew would then the time fast
leaving me behind the world afar
would I then,remember the mighty words
heard which during the early childhood …
memories fade as , wiping ones
only the etched remain as none
“young buds of the garden of life
gently grow and cherish the years!”
molded as like a soft wet ball of clay
into shapes regular or fake,
delicate the canvas of the mind
where imprints the image for life long!
in thy grace ,let the sapling grow
whence a drop of divine bless the sow,
transforming the beautiful seed of faith,
into a true tree standing with love!


Tis my love !



thy said I dwell in the nook of the heart

for my light shatters the world apart,

hidden I lie under a  shroud

covering the luminous circle round!


bedazzled by the sparkle of love

many hath run away ,stayed none,

for the heart shone like radiant gold

with diamonds studded as precious stones..

some envied,some hath died,

out of rage and fury for a while

i shy away from the world in dark…

concealing the lucent debark …


Yet ,failingly some catch a glimpse,

touch they to have a feel

burns the hands of those who play

with the evil in their minds while sweet words say!


Sheepishly, I stand beside,

smiling with a gentle smile,

wary of every step near

deliberately going behind….


yet,awaits the heart

for the love…

which could bear the scorching sun

in cold nights to become an embrace,

kissing my forehead ,like an ardent lover…


A pure and a sublime soul

an invisible end ,where I oar

entwined by silken threads

of love

since aeon…






“And let me rest for a while
on your strong shoulders,
with my hands in yours
I wish to be in heaven…
for ages ,we have been apart
through times we have died
       now reborn,
ablaze the passion still inside
of the lost love especial…”
twin souls of the eternal fire
separated on birth
kindle and invoke Thou
to be eternally together…
a flower blossomed then falls
   from the tresses of the maiden
 leaving fragrance in  her hair
    it smiles in chaste….
“Such beauteous journey  of life
as one flame we want  to traverse,
unified and combined ,
We the part of thy creation…”

Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Open

Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Open.


The word “OPEN” can have many versions ,perception and meanings! What connects me with it is this:


The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace –
Carlos Santana


Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.

John Barrymore

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It hasn’t been long since the pathway on which she walked everyday used to converse with her.

The routine frequent visits of the people from the nearby neighborhood,the silent tremblings of the trees with branches brushing each other merrily and soothingly.The footsteps which left an imprint on the loosely scattered dust,the marks of some four-legged creatures that came wandering here during the  night in search of prey or to quench their thirst from the nearby stream.

The path narrated innumerable stories of such trodden ones who became a pat of the lost track sometime for a moment in this life.

As if  the path enjoyed the presence of everyone that had been on it once ever.

Its life revolved around the lives of the beings those came to its acquaintance anytime.

The strange bushes that looked wild and almost bended over the way to cover it half through its width were proud to be dominating the place of such varied interest.

The colorful violets,lilies,flowers of all fantasies peeped over and over to have a look at the most intriguing pathway.

She was the only on e who understood the language of the abstract .She could read the lines of thoughts that got drawn on the canvas of the existent path. The zig zag ones spoke loudly about every living being that had traced on to this and with fond or sour memories .

Few had cursed the one to lead them into dark entangling forest,some had blessed it for showing them the light after the prolonged darkness.

It all depended on how far one went on it and in search of what !

Seekers just went on without having a second thought,enjoying the journey and the feel of such a place that led them out of nowhere and took them away from the stress.

This pathway was an integral part of her life now.She started presuming it to be her guide,her mentor,which showed her the right path and opened new dimensions out of nowhere  every time when she got stuck. The faith of the belief that the way always navigated her through the difficult times was amazing and mystical.

She had glorified the pathway in her own way and it accomplished the crown of  its proclaimed glory!




Once on a crowded street of LISSE,

a little boy of eight was walking down with canvas and paint,

amusing everyone who stared ,

some thought he was carrying the things for his Mom,

few pondered may be he is running an errand,

oblivious of the surprising glares,

he just trotted for long.








He went down to the end of the street , on the edge of the colorful fields,

where thousands of tulips were swaying with the wind and the scene was perfectly enchanting.

Taking out the stand ,he fixed,

the canvas and the brushes with him,

slowly he started stroking the soft pastels of the wonderful tulips…

Hours passed,he didn’t stop,

The sun-scorched and his cheeks got burnt,

Passers by and tourists of Keukenhof  had a look,

on whats going on his schedule.





A virtual world he laid,

aesthetically in rhythm and paint,

People started flocking in,

admiring the little lad!

some dropped coins,some few notes in the bag that hanged adjacent,

The little one was  engrossed,

with his muse and little did he glance…









Suddenly he saw a man dropping few coins,

he abruptly stopped and said to him,

“I don’t want money! Man!

“I am the son of a rich woman.”


“Then what brings you to this place,

all alone and painting in the sun empty stomach ,my son”!asked the man.

The little one replied, “Its my Mom…

she said my dear please go and

pursue your passion as you can,

for life isn’t that beautiful song,

which can be sung till the end,

Make your heart  contended

that …

you did what gave you happiness…”