The Inner Voice

Like the faraway claret coloured sunset 
 transmuting into a sapphire's blueness 
  heart flutters in arbitrariness 
  rushing ache in veins watching flapping silhouettes !

did we ever notice
 colours of sky
emerald leaves
twinkled eyes
suppressed smiles
blushing lips
dance of butterflies
or carpet of pearls
 on grasser green ?
Else fathomed ever
 the soothing touch  
 immersed in real essence
A potion of pain 
 in magical fingers
in an embrace
in a cuddle;
in a pat,
as cure of  miseries
respite to griefs
absolution to holdbacks
freedom to recover,
liberty to express,
authority to grow;
 yet we forget
diminish our charm
losing self
in captivity of limitations
in confinement of materialistic affinities
in detention of superficiality
 in shallowness
of living!
When shall then clock strike
to wake us from
the delusion 
in cognizance of truth
hearing inner voice?