….. 🔐locked inside
between pages of an old book
Ah! Haven’t their wings being clipped
chained to prevent flying
How well they flowed
through mountains
akin cool waters of Alakhnanda
or blooming as bunch of jasmine
colours of rhododendrons sparkling
dissipated fragrance of romance
wherever those lived and traveled
sometimes in gossips at a nearby tea stall of city
or in blown dust by carts of dreams
Dancing in forgotten ambitions of young minds
Where are these! caged in
breathing , suffocating in the walls
Not suffice to create a mural nor any epic of times
resound in speeches on television instead
in flared voices of shows
or whispers of sex and violence
Forgotten their charm
Where are these!!
Bring them out
Let them live, love flourish
adorn our lives as ever
Words…my dear
Words of prose
Words of verses
Words of emotions
Words of nature
Withering in inhibitions….
Waiting for the final flight…of freedom. ©Soumya

4 thoughts on “Locked

      1. Well the pandemic is really taking a toll on everyone dear. Hope things normalize soon. Returning to blog writing after a long time. Glad to reconnect with old acquaintances.🙂

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