There’s lot to say…

There 's lot to say in silence
in trembling heartbeats which 
carry the message without any wire
queues of thoughts mingle in moments
epics get manifested in glimpse of seconds
There's lot in air
in that warm touch of a companion
in quietness of a room 
where only fan creaks and windows rattle
There's lot to say in distance 
betwixt two silhouettes on cornered creases of bed
or wandering souls on different horizons
There's lot to share and connect in this universe
from unfurling of petals to ripples in placid waters
from dangling tresses to hidden pathos behind  smile pleasured
from emptiness in writings to life in pauses of lost breaths

 millions of tales in every second 
in every breath
in every glimpse
in every thought
in every angst
in every sorrow
in every word
in every smile
in every touch
in every hug
in every kiss
in every separation
in every hurt
in every moment of universe

Time is endless... we are mere voyagers
observe and realize
to value the real treasure...