There’s lot to say…

There 's lot to say in silence
in trembling heartbeats which 
carry the message without any wire
queues of thoughts mingle in moments
epics get manifested in glimpse of seconds
There's lot in air
in that warm touch of a companion
in quietness of a room 
where only fan creaks and windows rattle
There's lot to say in distance 
betwixt two silhouettes on cornered creases of bed
or wandering souls on different horizons
There's lot to share and connect in this universe
from unfurling of petals to ripples in placid waters
from dangling tresses to hidden pathos behind  smile pleasured
from emptiness in writings to life in pauses of lost breaths

 millions of tales in every second 
in every breath
in every glimpse
in every thought
in every angst
in every sorrow
in every word
in every smile
in every touch
in every hug
in every kiss
in every separation
in every hurt
in every moment of universe

Time is endless... we are mere voyagers
observe and realize
to value the real treasure...


Co -Travellers

Thousand times we ponder to think
Isn't the journey a new voyage to begin
wondering whether we can reach the end
the destined goal , a peak to rest
While climbing often we fail and fall
rolling down to initial start
crest and troughs are part of life
like tides that rise or collapse in no time
with every waxing & waning of moon
or daylight
friends, comrades cometh many
pausing a bit, sharing good testimonies
walketh few for some steps 
some wandered along for selfishness
co traveller of  times
co traveller of space
co traveller in universe
beyond the lines of action and emptiness
energies of virtue, energies of patience
power of thoughts, force of faith to be reckoned
when merge in sync 
thus become we 
co travellers of a destination 
until the purpose is accomplished...



In the crimson colours of twilight

as the wind kisses past

a fragrant flower shies

heart fills in redolence

and survives

through the mighty mountains

whence a river flows

The canary sings in quarantine

Hail ! O clouds ! quench the aridness of my world

Hail ! O mighty sun! Shine on the darkness of my earth

Hail! O Heart ! Cherish moments of joy or strife

Hail ! O Soul! Forgive and wish welfare of mankind

Hail ! O Human ! Treasure and Value the Gift of Life



lost the battle a thousand times
Yet I remain undefeated,
For every war when I suffered,
I stood again with vigor and strength.
Umpteen conflicts I came across
This the journey of life known for,
Stranded I got lost in storms
Hitherto I remain deep-rooted and strong.
Won I over the meager thoughts
disturbed my peace who like prickly thorns
conceded the agonies of destiny
never to raise their hood in cacophony.
Crushing the egos of character
I walked upon its white washed feather
Once again to clear the arena
To face another challenge of life with mettle.


Well! Nothing stopped us
The business of being busy 
till we were drop dead
few breaths we skipped
lesser we slept
strangers to ourselves
aliens to our shelter & ceilings …

The shelves smelt same
nostalgia of place
Times Stands still 
until we let the  reminiscences be...

The fragrance of incense sticks
blooms of jasmine
tiny leaves of a home creeper
awaiting to be seen...

A sumptuous dinner table 
an exotic cuisine
love and warmth poured in 
alongwith spices and margarine...

Oh ! What went wrong,
or what went right
we are back to our nests
 birdies in embrace...

Forget not ever
the truth unveiled
Often we walk again 
without bit of realizing....