what do I wish
where do I walk
amidst the ferns or over the rocks
randomly I wander
what doth I seek
happiness - a mystery
contentment - a big game
sadness becomes the landlord,
sometimes smiles rent the hall
brushing cheeks with tears of agony 
or sometimes no reason to weep
skies embrace and stars kiss my wall
overwhelmed heart skips and skids in ecstasy
this season let us travel to find ourselves
amongst all.


photography of fall trees
Photo by Guillaume Meurice on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “TRAVEL


    Here a trunk
    full of souvenirs

    There a wardrobe
    full of costumes

    A comfortable chair
    to enjoy the present

    A mirror
    … for reflection

    And an open door
    with a WELCOME mat

    for the future

    “In the night the walls disappeared
    In the day they returned”

    This is room enough

    for a journey

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