behold ! here comes the wandering breeze

in cycle of time

with lapses and pauses

gushing through old fallen leaves,

fluttering branches,

beneath wings of soaring birdies

ov’r the clouds and hills

whispering  murmurs of lore

in seasons of life

Lo! here’s the gentle wind

with a metamorphosis in stride…





4 thoughts on “The wandering breeze

  1. Rabindra Nath Tagore is said to have said, Greatness of God can be seen not only in the powefull gusts of a raging storm, but also in a gentle morning breez. (Urdu: baad e saba, Naseem e sahar)
    (N. P. By the way are you the one who is based in Dubai and wrote a book with Shaheen Dhanji?)

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