She cared and believed

It would work

The magic wand of faith hidden in her armor

For all her life,she had struggled the odd

faced adversities and critics ,a furlong

Then what held her head high

and what stopped the cry

Her fallen tears reinstated,

strengthened the roots

flourished branches  to open sky

the feathers were let loose

away she flew ,gliding

trying to meet the horizon

as the nest beckoned

the flight returned



Why is the heart  restless

for ages , the only hope was a  gleam

Sunrise, sunset similar they seemed

Isn’t there a dawn for me ever,she wept

In middle of night,somewhere

her heart trembled while alone she fought

Tears of agony,

Pains of heart

The next morn awaited the soul

For a new start and newer role

To create a new mural of thoughts

To bring the change that eyes look upon


9 thoughts on “Her flight

  1. The celebration of triumph against all odds. Isn’t it what women faced at every end in our society? Soumya you have tapped it so well in narrating the issues faced by the complete woman and quest for freedom. Beautiful.

  2. Away from the yet-to-be-real-hope, the only reality is still agony. I think, the writers always emotionally cheat the readers with false promise 🙂 Just kidding. How you doing?

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