Invisible Call

In the darkness of nothingness, when a storm hurriedly invades the serenity of path undertaken, sometimes blowing off the roof of belief or shelter , its hard to remain focused and determined. The dip in that ocean of pain brings out the most resilient façade of ours which we never had configured.

Like that beautiful resplendence of the full moon in dancing tides of ocean overwhelm the soul ,as if it knows no bounds.This realization of resilience and calmness invigorates stronger faith and determination inspite of rough patches and long distance of broken bends and promises.

Let thy grace shine upon such souls always!

“what else would the soul pray for

in the lonesome desert of world

why thus , how long

how deep , how far…

beyond the stars , behind th eveil

what calls, what beckons

song of  nature, melody of love

wave of emotions, tides of ocean

fluttering of beats,

sound of creation…

Utter thus, words , or music of soul

O ! benign creator


@Soumya V

P.S : It is a random post written as impromtu whilst the mind traveled .IMG_20161027_130255