While the swindler burnt my cheeks with

its sumptuous golden glow

I changed sides back and forth

for a while I was in shade

hugging memories  sheltered the autumn skin

while the seasons played

The silken locks refused to listen

falling like cascade disturbed the rhythm

the song of past struck

few strings in galore

the beats struck the chord

and music echoed.


2 thoughts on “While the seasons played

  1. Beautiful my sister, and Happy New Year to you! I have not forgotten you, and forgive me for not visiting of late. I have had a lot of things happening, most of which are physical. I do not spend enough time on my computer…issues with that too. But physically there are ups and downs with MS. I always enjoy your poetry! Hugs and blessings S!

    1. Thanks a lot for your wishes and blessings Wendell. I have been equally busy ,but hope your health is better now . DO take care and keep on spreading the love of divine through your words

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