She cleared the mist with her fingers etching the outline on the glass. The wintry night had left an envelope of thin layered fog on the window pane. She stood there every night after her dinner watching the lone moon hung in the sky. The moon wasn’t visible today and she was wiping the glass to have a glimpse .

The breeze knew the heartbeats of her soul and carried the message of her silent yearnings to faraway land of dreams,where dwelt the twin part of her soul.

Wasn’t it so unworldly, pocketing treasures in the casket of nature and reliving the moments at peace? Nothing mattered as long as the moon was visible to both ends of the world,they lived, breathed and felt the urge to communicate through the dancing waves of morning and night breeze.

How often the nightingales sang and the butterflies danced? Her eyes sparkled and knew the message was through.

Beyond several seas , the orchid had bloomed .



4 thoughts on “An excerpt

  1. Feel like something beautiful is happening with you. For, when I read you after a while I can clearly see the shift from…… to …… in your writing. But, I don’t want to classify it by naming it.


    1. Hi Britton,
      We always have the ups and downs continously like the waves . This one is a part of a short story being written. Yeah, lines reflect our mood though. 🙂 thanks for beinghere

  2. I wish the cold breeze which has captured the warmth of your affection for your love, must convey it to him. When in the cold night a warm breeze will comform him, it will definitely make him remember you ❤
    Such a beautiful piece of work !

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