Featuring Soumya Mohanty Vilekar: Artist, poet humanist, producer and author

When fellow logger friend interviews you on and bring sout various aspects of your work,one feels proud and touched !
This interview is an interesting one and Iam sure you all will love it. Thanks to Vishal for letting me talk freely .

Vishal Bheeroo

Soumya Mohanta Vilekar is the founder of Audumbar Arts and book author. Soumya Mohanty Vilekar is the founder of Audumbar Arts and book author.

Meet the very inspiring, Soumya Mohanty Vilekar. She wears many hats: poet, book author, a certified patent holder in Powder Metallurgy, ambassador for the global initiative World Pulse, is behind the initiative Revolutionary and has now turned producer with her maiden venture, the Sufi song Jogi de Naal through her newly created production company Audumbar Arts. Soumya who has released several books, including the anthology of poems, Suroor of the soul with her partner Shaheen and is a sub-editor at the Hindi quarterly magazine AkhandBharat never cease to inspire and surprise us. I can vouch for that. She has been a good friend who keeps inspiring me at every end. The Pune-based writer and owner, Proprietor who stayed in Dubai for a very long time speak to me in this interview on the Sufi song, Jogi de Naal which…

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