When left “I”
‘the life’ in a split second
From the door of the body to heaven
Where did I get lost in between,
O ! lord !
Was ‘I’ a body with a life
Or a soul imprisoned in flesh of being?
Where was I ?
Who was I ?
Amidst the melee. I didn’t hear any sigh..
What was my name ?
What am I named?
Is it the same,
as I lose
myself …
on pyre,
in ashes
when burns my effigy,the form of five elements created by thee

Where will I go and traverse?
is it the The cosmos
or The astral ?
what’s the journey ahead,O thee!
hold my finger and take !



6 thoughts on ““After death”

  1. I feel moved with your touchy expressions but eternal truth of life and death can’t be gainsaid. You may have a look on the following.

    The ultimate यह जो वजूद है इन्सां का बुलबुले के मानिंद यही वह सच है जिसे नाव अपनी खेनी है दिल के जज़्बात पे पत्थर रखलो या तो विदा लेनी है या तो विदा देनी है। (It is the existence of a human Bubble-like This is true The boat has its Keni On the sentiments of the heart Keep a stone as Either have a take off yourself Or the other one does it.)

    [image: –]

    neelkanth neek [image: https://%5Dabout.me/neelkanth_neek

    1. Thank you so much Sir for sharing this thought as well. I wrote this in introspection,as to what lies behind the real.. There are umpteen assumptions, theories, philosophies and this lead to an overwhelming emotion , which gave birth to this poem

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