DSCF6205beneath that blueness does life smile

like the pretty lilies enraptured dance

does the rivulet sing

songs of love

can it dissolve the pain

of burning years

which path shall reach to this realm

where pure would be the air

and clear emotions,

O! thee!

will thou lead me to other side into this heaven ?

@Soumya V


Poets speak truth,

I presume

in between lines and words

metaphors wrapped in a cosy shawl of emotions

personified as a beautiful bird flying to the unknown destination in a

a silent night

sailing through fluffy clouds of hope and desperation

they assume

they fall,

they rise and

sometimes become stagnant.

Poets write, poets bleed,

their priceless treasure

the hidden thoughts

those emerge on the blank pages of

a journal

@Soumya V