the pragmatic spirit
which failed to live as a free bird
pinioned to the ancillary pedestal with bondage,
a pit of darkened sphere
where like a dragon is a holocaust

in the feeble body,
a sunken heart,
fears swing of life
forgoing and abstract
stares at the time pendulum

under the lampshade orange ,
dawned a ray of wisdom
a veneration;
an assimilation of glitches
burns the scared pyre
illuminating the inner luminescence

4 thoughts on “The pragmatic spirit

  1. I found this lovely.. life indeed is a swinging pendulam this way or that way .. but then I also think if it was not like that it would be too boring 🙂

    1. Ya , true Bikram , what you shared here. Life is interesting,challenging and loving becoz of the change and the newness that arrives and happens constantly evolving us. Hope your are doing fine.. Hearing from you after long

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