Isn’t the orchid pale today or

the azure lost its hues in frosty weather

the pink lilies too

seem dull

when the dusk appears little purple than

the scarlet pier…usual

forgotten in dead remains

as ashes they scatter in dust

reminiscences of the beloveds

who died one fateful night

last summer…

again prevails the same climate

transforms the camouflage of

flowers and world

Tis the sky who alone

remembers the fury

repercussions of war

in cold blooded atmosphere…

sulks the orchid tonight…

purple appears the crimson lover

stained in blood drops

dried and desiccated as humans of universe.



5 thoughts on “PURPLE

  1. ..And, this verse has a myriad of thoughts – thus, apt to accord my appreciation of your ink. The transparency of humane attributes in the verse denotes the mystery of human psyche in both indivisible creation and in the naught of the visible — a perpetual
    perplexity of the many ‘rasas’ expressed here !

    Surely, then, you have great voltage in your writings.

    1. Always humbled and encouraged with your inspiring words those which ignite more thoughts to pen . The backdrop of this poem was a feeling of a person who gets lost in the chaos of war and loses his/her family .

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