The setting sun today spoke

of tragedies and sorrows

amidst the life of a day

the goblet of fire too

weeps at conjecture

left when its beloved in arms of the night miserable

who engulfs,

the sweetness of melody,

the music of nature of its arrival…

haunting the innocent birds to their nests

shivers the sky

man trembles…

O! human, you knoweth not,

I worry for my beloved,

the immaculate earth, untill the next day ,

when I return

of the nights terror…

she sleeps alone, cuddling ,

while the sky cries,

the earth gets misty…

Alas! I must leave


to the fate of your own destiny.


8 thoughts on “The setting sun’s beloved !

  1. …And, many a times the fate between dusk and dawn is shed in the strength of the beating pulses – where tragedies and sorrow have its’ own melodious tale. Some live in the long corridors of exiled Time — where they await in the conjecture. Best learning is between the doors – resonating the doors of trains – as Life.
    As usual, you wrote of humanity in your pulse – inspired by the little ones, methinks !

    1. Thank you dear Shaheen. Your words always resonate the bigger thought of my mind and extract the tale out of those verses. Ya, the tragedies and sorrows are a destined fate and they somehow are the part. WE do learn from these parts the truth of life. Blessed to have your thoughts here

  2. So sad but true
    at least some of us know what is happening and tho we are small in number take heart
    for that number is growing.
    And as wise as we think we are, Mother Nature is never fooled and takes heed of our every whispered prayer
    We may try to break her but she will mend
    And those that respect and love her will always have a home
    Keep the pen flowing and the music alive, for the Universe is no more than a beautiful song
    Love you work 🙂

    1. Iam humbled to have your views on the poem here. Indeed the nature takes its own course and flows graciously amidst all the chaos ,so is the rhythm of life.
      Thanks for your kind words

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