shone the glow of your face in shimmering sparkles
Ya !  I am stupefied, charmed
by the smile of your grandeur…
Floweth like wind,
who caressing the soft temple
my brows are jealous
whisked out quickly the
kiss between their splendor.

the penetrating feel of
the affection,
a simple peck
imprinted on wall of adoration.

oh! I melted in seconds
transformed the frigid nature
like fragments of dew,I
disperse and mingle
with the dancing breeze amateur.


10 thoughts on “Floweth like wind!

  1. ..And, well, after a long time I am leaving my words here.

    ‘Tis a poem to savour – gentle yet poignant. The poem lends weight and significance to every word, every image within the larger image. A metaphorical feast for the senses – that perfect singularity and culmination, I dare say !

    Ah, but your pen…

    1. Nothing can spread a more bigger smile than having your words here ,for this piece of writing. I am always overwhelmed to hear from you . Thank you so much for relishing the verse and for your sincere appreciation.

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