ransom I the stars tonight,
the blank dull lifeless voids seem to engulf
 the brightness
in chasms of time…
I, with my fervor to bring back the beloved
beside my withered being…
bribe the rulers of the galaxy ,
with a promise to bring them
once on earth
O! twinkling ones!
change thy positions …
rearrange yourself in a such congregation
that my love comes back to me
in few seconds of your relocation.

14 thoughts on “A BRIBE !

  1. Yeah, with me it’s Jupiter & Saturn
    don’t ask
    It’s something I don’t quite understand
    but there’s a connection all right
    even if it’s only in my mind

    I love your writes

    1. Thanks John for reading and so sharing your view too. Yeah, somethings we cannot really understand but still they exist. May be we haven’t been that evolved to understand that depth of this mystic science.

  2. So easily n honestly ur words explained the current state of my mind! Thank u so much! I found something so appropriate to my situation n just smiled as if some prayer was heard by my god!
    Very well written! Stay blessed!

    1. Iam humbled Wendell, by your visit here after long and also that you have enjoyed the words and the thought. Hope you are doing fine and in good health.YOu too have a great weekend

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