Dim the hope , bleak appears the future
in every grain of the field’s harvest
rests the destiny of  poor .
while the ones who had
a silver spoon
hardly noticed the worth of a grain…
a morsel was all… for a day,
while the couple sleeps
 under the leaking roof
of the shelter 
with a noise of
roaring stomach
 in emptiness .
One who grows the crop
for millions
 whose stock
the children of everyone…
he has the glass
full of water
until the morning sun dawns
and he toils again till
his last measure.
The irony of life
 tonnes of food
 being thrown in spills  
as leftovers ,
in garbages,
while the farmer
remains famished .

9 thoughts on ““The Farmer”

  1. Sad reality. It pinches the heart when we see farmers being robbed of their livelihood to a decent life, owing to corrupt middle men and lack of Government actions. You’ve touched a chord and force us to think on their plight when they take heavy loans for their crops.

    1. It has been such since years, I wonder why the govt doesnt ask the corporate sectors to adopt farming for its growth n consistent output. It should be excluded from the from normal loan procedures and should be advantageous for farmers.

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