shook the canopy of firm beliefs
law of impermanence wins
I rush aside to pinch,
O! Thee !
 Is this the truth or
a  destiny fragile!!! 
what is perpetual,ceaseless
 besides the sun,moon and innumerable stars
rivers floweth, and clouds walk
over the destined path…
nature invariably incarnates
transforms and regains
tis only the human,
which neither forever remains
nor lives as in the body of flesh
without being stale…

the essence of creation,
the fragrance of flower
the blueness of heaven
the serene flow of river
the smile of a baby
the soul of a human
ne’er die
contrary to the law of impermanence
of the Universe!
then how shall , me and Thee !
leave indelible marks
tie ourselves with the ne’er opening knot…
Tis ! the divine that binds us,
Tis the force cosmic that fastens us in
bonds of  ancient births
kindling the flame twin, in souls
enlightening the darkened eleventh door,
Tis the ethereal cosmos,
life obeys the law of the Absolute one
in every age by his norms!


6 thoughts on “LAW OF IMPERMANENCE

  1. The fact that so many if not all of us are aware of a cosmic connection concludes the invisible evidence that it is so
    For me, I am not concerned or worry myself about issues I can only smile about, knowing secretly inside there is more to life than we’ll ever know. And therein lies the greatest mystery of all, which in fact may be no mystery at all 🙂
    I so enjoy your writes dear friend

    1. So truly stated and reflected in your thought John. Yes, its often when many things which aren’t known or spoken exist beyond our comprehension.
      Without getting into the detailed logic of such an existence when we tend to accept and relish such a force, we blissfully live the moments ,which many tend to miss or lose. Its the happiness which is in the moments of realizing, what lies therein, is a world outside the limits of our limited knowledge

  2. Reading these beautiful words, I travelled years back to remember my school days where we had a lesson in literature – a deeply meaningful work by a famous Malayalam poet Kumaran Asaan. He observes a beautiful flower bloomed in a bush one day, only to find it on the ground the next. Observing the flower he resembles human life to that of a flower – ‘Fallen Flower’ is the name of that beautiful poem. Keep writing! 🙂

    1. Iam indeed delighted to know that you appreciated the lines and this work reminded you of such a great poet of that time. Its often the experiences or instances of our everyday life,which convey us the most importatnt messages or thoughts in a subtle manner. We only need to observe and comprehend, which requires calmness and composure. The old legendary writers had that vision which they could encompass in their writings thus.
      Thanks for being here and reading.

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