Dear friends,

It has been a long journey till here  ,as I publish my 800 th post today. Iam thankful to every reader, visitor, viewer of my blog and my friends who continously have encouraged me with their loving comments and through their presence. For my simple words , I write this!

 “For affluence , I do not have words
my thoughts are unique.
different is my verse…
thou shall be comforted in the raging summers
as the lucid pleasant sprinkle on your cheeks
from the emotions of my poetic drizzle…
in chilling frosty weather
the ablaze of my burning passionate words
will warm thy soul as ever…
on lone nights, they can comfort thou
like a cuddling pillow
absorbing thy worries in dark hours…
in thy setbacks, or fall
inspiring, zestful glimpses
will make you stand with fervor.
O! friend ! my words cannot be diverse
but my reflections are unlike and inimitable”


Best wishes,






39 thoughts on “My 800th Post- “MY WORDS”

  1. Congrats Soumya for this amazing journey full of love, passion and Zing.
    A reflection spelling dose of passion as words echoes images painted by the soul.
    A beautiful journey filled with love, passion and wisdom as we join each other in this unique adventure called life.
    The pen is mightier than the sword as thoughts expressed into words, vivid with imagination.
    Aesthetic senses craving for your pen laden with inspiration:)

  2. Humbly thankful Vishal. Yes ithas been a long journey with ups and downs,but the passion of writing and colouring the world of imagination with the words of reflection surely stays and takes along. Thanks for all the encouragement.

  3. Hi Somaya, New fellow blogger from India in your world. I just started blogging. Well congrats on your 800th post.. holy! that’s really a great achievement! Congratulations!! Looking forward for a great connection.

    Swetank (from Being Bettr!) 🙂

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