in auburn shades of the fall
amidst the maple leaves
scattered on the ground
lost is a tale
an unspoken love of silent hearts.

while the breeze carries them away
they flutter and rustle
murmuring about the touching emotions
in silent whispers …

rigged by the society,
pushed through an alley vile
the susurrus of their eternal tale
ceaselessly lives under the blue sky!






9 thoughts on “SUSURRUS !

  1. Soumyav, your words always take my mind to a place where I relish to be…almost perfect peace, along with the image…my soul dances as I read your words. I have not been around, i have losses and almost losses in my family, and I was away for a couple of weeks. I did not have my computer which was probably good. But i have not forgotten you my sister and I am very happy to wake up and read your words. Hugs and blessings to you always!

    1. Thanks for your blessings Wendell. Hope all your hurdles have vanished and hope peace is now being there in your life. It is always good to see you here and have your words

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