Dear friends,

The world has shook with terror again , seeing the Israeli attacks on the Gaza, killing hundreds of people. They have targeted homes and several victims include kids and teenagers. When shall this act of invasion stop and the world shall be spared from this kind of waged war.

The picture is just 20 hours ago.

  An alarming news about the same: A Norwegian physician currently in the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip has fiercely censured the Tel Aviv regime for its use of cancer-inducing bombs against the Palestinian population. –

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Israel using cancer-inducing bombs on Gaza


Spare the world for some time,
traders of death and vile
the sky is loathsome with smokes of grey
terror echoes in the region, gunshots play the game.

Merciless cannons blast the homes
reside where the innocent teenagers and toddlers
under the crumbled structures of the devastation
look for the corpses of the loved ones.

How can’t your hands tremble and waive
While you wreck the helpless civilians
How not your hearts sink
When hundreds are killed without reason…?

Beneath the sky ,so dark and not azure
rise the fumes of hatred and agony
come ,extinguish the flames
of this inhumane behavior!


16 thoughts on “SPARE THE WORLD !

  1. It’s revolting when we see innocent kids and human beings dying. It’s an inhumane act and m surprised at the selective human rights practiced by Big powers like US. Why is nobody condemning the crime against humanity. What a shame!

    1. Its really shocking Vishal. These days the size and type of terror that has come up in different forms is completely inhumane. The superpowers conveniently keep mum on many such issues. Problem is UN, is also the part of audience .

    1. I know we become speechless when we hear such. The conscience hits hard while we see the merciless killings of numerous people all over the world.

  2. This is wrong what Israel is doing, they are committing genocide and land grab the Gaza Strip while the world watches in horror. These atrocities must stop!

    1. When the United Nations is not to be followed and it merely acts as a witness to all the atrocities happening,doubts arise of its role and the role of superpowers. By any means, you cannot grab anyone’s land.

      1. It is well understood that the UN has been usurped by the same powers that rule the US. All our leaders are figureheads for the few power elite families who control most of the wealth in the world. Most every world leader has been bought off or assassinated.Israeli Zionist will wage all out war to take over Palestine while the world watches on. We are witnessing the beginning of genocide, let’s pray cooler heads prevail.

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