here moves the pen
words emerge ,
an intrinsic art
in an ink of sadness…
as the verse loses its rhythm
the imagery gets tarnished,
caged get the free thoughts
once were they flying birds

dreams of myriad colours
in darkness of the hue
searches the mind
an inspiration to continue…

moves my pen

scribbles the mind in air

words emerge out of nowhere.


14 thoughts on “

    1. Allwin,everyoe needs inspiration to write, in fact withouht inspiration nithing can be done. but its upto us where and how do we derive the inspiration from.

      1. No. No. I didn’t mean that. I know that each one of us needs the inspiration to write. What I meant was when you write your thoughts flow into words effortlessly. Whereas someone like me struggles a lot to come up with one good post. So I find it hard to imagine that you struggle or you really have to search for inspiration. Sorry for not being very clear on that.

        1. I had got it right as you said Allwin.just wanted to tell you,you can observe and feel the things around you,those are the things that would inspire you instantly. and you wont struggle in finding any topic for writing. It would then just flow.

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