years end,

seasons change

time moves

moments chained…

beneath the surface

when can you see

the soft bosom of delicate care


months pass

life with challenges moves on…

yet you are blind to

my revealed …inner self …

how long, how far

shall I strive to carry on

when you still can’t see

my unselfish being!

13 thoughts on “How far ,how long!

  1. I long for you care and comfort,
    yet you eludes far away from me.
    I braved the storms, climbed the hills to seek your companionship.
    Yet, we are strangers in the storms.
    We are two separate entities yet united by destiny.
    You are my mirror image, the extended me in character, thoughts and deeds.

    Soumya, I added a lil’ something. But, love ur inspiring words who prompted me to scribble something. Perfect ode to life and that shall never exist and gather dust, someday.

  2. Not sure what to take of this.. but life is such I believe. . Sometimes yiu can do what you want with all ur heart and it’s not happy and sometimes a little something you do its happy..

  3. Reminds me of special friendships I’ve lost over the years. I always thought that such special friendships would last a lifetime. But I was wrong. 😦 If only it was so easy to let go off and move on.

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