From the gravels of the earth to the surface of the mantle,

Screams and demands every particle of dust,

Enough is enough!

Stop the turmoil and killings

That spreads throughout the air of pollution,

Hovering over the intoxicated breath

Of men,women and children,

crushing the delicate shrubs of innocence

What is this mayhem for!

Halt for a moment! Think !

does your heart really wants this?

close your eyes,feel the terror…

That which appears in a dying man feeble,

War, violence and royal feuds,

Wake up people! Wake up nations!

Is this a place which you have dreamt for ever!

Weapons, explosions have deafen the ears

atrocities of bloodshed …contaminate the


Awaken O! humans,

who slumber through the life

…in despair,

Kindle a flame in every heart of the sphere

sing and march against the deathly obscure

Rise, Rise , & Rise

It’s the Sunrise,

Let the golden rays dawn on earth

with a new hope and conviction,

Be humans!

O! inhuman souls …

The world awaits you… in despair.

8 thoughts on “Rise , Rise & Rise!

  1. ‘Kindle a flame in every heart’ is very inspiring. It’s after a long time that I have received your composition. It’s so nice. My blog Avenues2 ( was hacked by unscrupulous gangster elements leaving me no option but to switch back to Avenues (, the one which you already followed in the past. I hope you may keep a record of it. My good wishes.

    1. Thank you Sir for your kind inspiring words. Its sad to hear that your blog got hacked,hope the old one is away from such elements. I had been away for a while. Shall go through your blog soon.

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