“A BUD ” from “Suroor of the Soul”

Dear readers,

Here is an audio visual treat from the creators of “Suroor of the Soul” , me and Shaheen .

Nature with the eternal music and a verse in a soft voice is always a delight! Sharing with you the video  of “A BUD” from the pages of ” Suroor of the Soul”.

In written words I respire ,


in spoken I dance!


35 thoughts on ““A BUD ” from “Suroor of the Soul”

    1. Blood Ink Diary -ssd

      Thank you, dear Api ! It’s just my voice – though Soumya is the one who did the overall great job ! Happy you loved it. xx

    1. Blood Ink Diary -ssd

      Ah ! tweet away lil’ birdie (though you are equal to the eagle !). Thank you, dear Eric. Much love to you from us. (shall email later)

    1. Blood Ink Diary -ssd

      Madhu !!!! And, I have missed you too ! As you probably know, I do not blog at wordpress thus I have lost your email address – I shall get it from Soumya and shall write to you. Thank you for your lovely message – now you know how I sound ! lol. :p

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