O ! thundering clouds!

shower ! rain thy selfless love today!

in pain dances the alluring peacock…

amidst the jungle ,camouflaged

restless is its heart and the storming weather!

gazing at the grey clouds above

it awaits thy ecstatic drizzle

tired feet ,ache

as endless,becomes the  terpsichore…

The salve to the dreary feet

whilst it moves to the lilting tunes

is in your drops ,O ! sailing clouds!

Rain !

The peacock awaits today for your shower!

10 thoughts on “O! Thundering clouds!

  1. oh moving clouds,
    pour your mercy,
    be it the drops of your joy,
    or tears of sorrow…

    A humble heart prays to you,
    as it prays for all here.
    your shower blesses the world,
    And brings smile to your admirer here..
    reminds me of rains in the villages in which we played ‘once’.

  2. Lovely and lively too with an enchanting flavour. I feel like reblogging it, I think I may do it on 14/2/14. Inspired by yours, I repeat a few lines from my poem on ‘Clouds’. May be you like it.

    When it is raining cats and dogs
    And there is chorus of the frogs
    I feel like looking at Thee
    And keep so on till Eternity.

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing the beautiful lines from your verse Sir. Iam really happy that you liked the resonance of the poem and connected with the imagery.

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