there’s silence in the wind tonight

which doth caress the leaves tender

quietly the stars fell asleep

while twinkling in the sky of dreams…

the white jasmine unfurls and tucks

its exuberant fragrance within

timidly the nectar hides

in the  lap of petals closing…

the beguiled moon casts a look

on the scene enchanting

beneath the stream flows along

resonating the lore singing…

in the midst of night ,

my eyes view the aura captivating

allured by the wind tonight

I sleep in  the enticing atmosphere!

12 thoughts on “THE WIND

  1. Your words are a beautiful spiritual hug this afternoon my dear sister! You write beautifully when your heart and spirit are moved in unison. Wonderfully written…God bless you and your family always!

  2. Enchanting and stirs a feeling of nostalgia recalling the good old days when you ‘fed’ us with beautiful poems virtually on daily basis! Thanks for this one and do have a great new week!

    1. Thanks a lot Udo for sharing your view. Sorry,been very busy lately and as such the time doesn’t allow to recreate magic through words as often. Anyways shall try to write more.

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