Enjoy the video trailer of the book” Suroor of the soul” which was recently launched at Delhi.

The book is now available on Flipkart ,especially for the Indian readers! Order a copy and enjoy the journey of “Suroor”.


4 thoughts on “Trailer of “Suroor of the soul”

  1. Ah, Soumya, its the first time that I am leaving my words here, but I must confess that I had been a keen ‘silent follower’ of the book — “Suroor’s” journey through its many thoroughfares.

    Let me begin by congratulating you, Soumya! And Shaheen, for giving birth to pages of profound depthfullness; a priceless treasure shared with the rest of the world.

    Thank you for sharing the trailer with us. The video holds it’s own mystical essence, similarly as the pages of the book. Especially with Shaheen’s ‘esoteric paintings’ at the background, the words are elevated and given true meaning to ‘divineness’.

    My best wishes are with you both, Shaheen and Soumya. May the book to reach new heights.


    1. Thank you very much for your silent presence through our journey. Indeed every effort,silent or known is commendable as this voyage of a soul is of each one of us.
      Iam glad that you liked the effects of the trailer which did have a mystical view due to Shaheen’s paintings. Indeed her paintings are pieces of treasured art which can invoke many thoughts and strike new ventures of spiritualism.
      This book is an effort to bridge the gap of a human mind lost and strayed in today’s world and the real spiritual realization which can take humanity to higher heights .
      I am thankful to you for all your wishes and feel grateful that find the book to be of profound depth.
      Best wishes,

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