New horizon, newer skies,

 I dream to touch and fly high

With wings of my imagination

and shade of your pastels

in rhythm with nature

in symphony of  the ether…

on beats of the earth’s rotation

I aspire to scale Everest

in a passionate venture

like a bird mighty soaring heights

lofty, grand, avian

sublime and majestic in character.









21 thoughts on “NEW HORIZON,NEWER SKIES !

Add yours

  1. There is something always exquisite about the way your write, always so real, always so inspiring, always so embracing. Happy new year dear sister! May God make your new year very prosperous and blessed!

    1. Thank you so much Wendell for always being a great support and an encouraging person for my every endeavour . Wish you and your family a wonderful new year tooo! 🙂

  2. Your poem are always so very exquisite, embracing, refreshing, inspiring and just beautiful! Happy new year to you my sister, and may God bless you with a very spiritually prosperous year!

    1. Thank you for your graceful presence Wendell. Iam happy to always receive your wonderful wishes and blessings along with the kind words . Wish you too a wonderful new year and a prosperous one too!

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