Through timeless wonders , darkest storms,
on the steep climbs and endless falls,
through the floods of sadness,
scorch of heat....
we have traveled on this earth with integrity...

For gigantic goals,aimless destinations
with the urge to care for others more,
with love in heart and affection for all,
we have traveled on this earth to the core...

an endeavour ,every bend had its own,
every task an upheaval one,
in every breath , we breathed less
to let everyone around breathe more...

with my patience ,with your sincere efforts,
let us make this  journey
more beautiful with splendid emotions
and moments of lovingness
... amidst the unlimited pressures....

Let us walk in the open air
beside the shore of the roaring sea
which shall silence the storms
and  will let us be ...

stepped out on a sunny morn!