For what I sought ,

for what I fought in the lone desert

for a drop of water

to quench people’s desire…

I stood there under the vast expanse of corruption,

slit where the throats and stabbed the back

by prejudice

in hands of the ruthless,greedy hunters…

squeezed who every drip of life

from the naked workers

piling their own baggages

with sin and mint as treasure!

Shall there be a rising sun,

who will glow as a stellar

His hands shall uplift the weaker

he who shall create a history of revolution

in the free air of freedom…

 eradicating  the dreadful fears…

whose noble thoughts will wipe the depravity…

when once again my land will shine

as the golden bird of destiny!



11 thoughts on “WHAT I HOPE !

  1. Most times your poems are the first ones that greet me in the morning with their embrace…tonight it is the last one I read, and I find that your words have filled me with a wonderful peace. Your words always inspire…thanks Soumyav, my sister! Have a wonderful weekend

  2. I Am Jasmine Kyle

    “””in hands of the ruthless,greedy hunters…squeezed who every drip of life from the naked workers”””
    I GOTTA BUY YOUR BOOK!!!! Are you on Amazon?

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