In the burning ashes that lie scattered

are embers of the soulful desires

glow they for a second

when a breeze kisses them ,even if they are on pyre!


Amidst the grey powdered dust

stand  as heat of passion

raindrops extinguish their flame

but the intensity evokes the fire…


Watch the rolling stones

The gorgeous rubies round

in the grey sapphires

creating an exquisite artifact

that shall withstand weather of every ages!



22 thoughts on “ARTIFACT !

  1. Powerful and never-give-up kind of ashes. Raindrops extinguishing them and they again glow up.
    Its encouraging.. Ending with strength of Ruby and Sapphire was very supportive !

      1. Hi soumya. I’m missing your thoughts in my blog. Seems you are too busy writing your new novel ??
        I’ve tried out writing a few poems these days. I’ll be pleased if you give your thoughts on them.

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