Let me be alone O! wind of the changing season,
Tis autumn fall,which changeth now,
I want to feel the rustling of fallen leaves
now on the path untrodden…
Let me be alone ! O ! breeze of the new season,
I wish to breathe in the old air,
the zephyr where I dreamt
few strands in hues of love and despair…
Let me be alone! O! troubling wind!
Why doth you caress my hair ,
it reminds me of beloved,
who is far away from my land!!!
Leave me alone ! O ! wind of love!
your intense exotic essence,
perfumes my breath within
as i inhale the flowing gentle breeze!
Come back to me !
when you doth bring
a gift from my love,
a token of fresh kisses
wrapped in satin touch of yours!

15 thoughts on “WIND OF LOVE

    1. Hi! Amit! I go by the flow of emotions and words unlike the follow of any pattern or process. My writing involves the feel that comes straight form the core.So the word”tis” is in the second line where the protagonist is trying to reason why the wind should stay away!

  1. What I think : that ‘ she ‘ has lost her love; the love her life and now when ‘she’ is loved my someone else, it is not acceptable to her mind/soul.
    Everytime, when she is comforted with love, thoughts of her first love haunts her.

    1. Hi Rahul,You brought a whole new angle here! But glad to see,everyone has his /her own perspective while reading the same lines,its surprising how the same set of words can create different meanings ,for they dnt have any tone to it.
      Thanks for reading and liking it!

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