My 700 th post- “Diamonds of Nature”


floating sparkling jewels dance over the serene waters

like diamonds scattered few

glittering in the shining sun

while others scorch and falter!

dip thy hand and pick ‘thm up

a handful of those to bedeck the run,

which else, remains monotonous

sprinkle along the way and smile forever…

in the blue sea greens

lies the treasure ,


in umpteen measures…

sunk in the emerald sapphired canopy

spread beneath our barren feet

it holds the way

to our hearts…

creating thousand gateways

as tributaries!


41 thoughts on “My 700 th post- “Diamonds of Nature”

      1. Hi Soumya! I am fine…..have been busy for 3 months. Feel like reading and writing but just due to busy routine couldn’t spare time for myself. Feeling trapped all the time….I think I have become very poor in managing my time. Though I am not doing any extra activity besides my routine work. I don’t know how long it will take to be regular on my blog and reading work of my fvrt bloggers….u know u are one special blogger among them.
        Hope you are doing fine…
        Happy Blogging πŸ™‚
        tk cr

        1. I know Rachna ,that you have been very busy lately. Its all a phase when the kids are small. Once she starts going to school,you will be able to manage the time and shall have time for yourself and your interests. Still do relax in between so that you dnt feel monotonous.
          Take care and thanks for replying back ..Soumya

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