Written for Ermilia’s “Picture it and Write”. http://wp.me/p1HrCI-1jm


slippery the dark alley,

wet with gruesome doubts,

the smooth floor of love lies today

in the dull passage of incertitude…


On the end stood the soul,

watching the melee of thoughts

awaiting to be swept by

a turbulent storm!


Truth has different facades

each has a different tale,

need of the hour

proclaims to wipe out the fears across the lane…


then would the darkened walls

be illuminated

song of pure clear love

shall flow through then

the gloomy ramparts!






6 thoughts on “Picture it & Write- Darkness

  1. Very deep thought and its inspiring. I analyzed it as follow:
    that you need to go through a dark passage. The ultimate aim of yours is to meet the soul. But the passage is dark, its full of confusion; here your love is not with u, when u needed him. Your mind is full of doubts, fear.
    The soul at the other end is waiting for you to wash off your mind, blow all the bad thoughts which came, clear all your doubt. Wants you to BELIEVE on yourself. And get through the passage to meet the soul.

    So that when you are done all your confusion will be gone, all your worries will be gone… That is the last lines: illuminating the walls…

    Really beautiful presentation.

    1. Beautifully deciphered Rahul! After a long time you are here and its really good to see you analyzing the lines so perfectly. Hope you are doing well and everything else is fine.

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