On the auspicious day of the start of Navratri today! I pray ,”May the Divine Mother bless everyone with peace,harmony,love and happiness.


Sing the glory of thee, my destiny,

The Mother of the creation,

graced who the universe

by her lotus blossoms…


in ephemeral moments ,the mind moves

thy shelter me with your presence

manifesting the divine in you

bless me with your incarnation!


in thy benign majestic form,

disperse the fragrance of eternity

a couplet that I wish to  sing

harmonizing my pulse for life long!



Indian Goddess Wallpaper__yvt2

9 thoughts on “Glory to thou! Mother!

  1. I see your passion for Mother Durga and the devotional love. The passion behind your words in the poem will bulge even the non-believers of the female form of worship:)

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