Poetry Book Review: Suroor of the Soul

The review of book” Suroor of the Soul” by Uzoma from 85 degrees!

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With the various styles and contributions to contemporary poetry, “Suroor of the Soul” makes for an uplifting and fascinating reading. It’s a meticulously sectioned book co-authored by Soumya Vilekar and Shaheen Dhanji; two wonderful poetesses whose love for nature, true happiness, metaphysical knowledge and exploration, soul discovery and its ultimate journey cumulatively amplifies a reader scopes via their poems.

Not short of fine imagery—a few of which are subtle or complex judging by their metaphysical exponent—or verse paragraphs of commendable artistic quality, both poetesses seek to approach their audience in four ways (sections). Section-I gives credence to the soul, its birth, growth and endeavor. A poem from this section that sits nicely with me and I think I’ll still remember for some time to come is The Lost Fawn. A touching narrative, it metaphorically points to man’s journey through life and his interaction with the divine. Section-II is a…

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An Interview with Soumya Vilekar

My interview by Uzoma Okoroafor!

85 Degrees

A few days ago, Soumya Vilekar agreed to give an interview about “Suroor of the Soul” and here is how it went — very interesting I must say.



In some of your poems, you acknowledged God as the most Supreme Being, the Maker of all things. Do you believe in life after death? If so, can you paint a picture of this new journey?

Soumya: First of all, Thanks to you, Uzo, for lending me a platform to express my views and have a word with all of you! Life is a beautiful journey which has different contours throughout its path and is varicolored. Each one of us have experienced its different façade  of joy, sorrow, sadness, grief, misery and the virtual happiness at some moment or other in life. What we see or acknowledge here on Earth as human form is just a part of a wonderful enchanting…

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