Tis my love !



thy said I dwell in the nook of the heart

for my light shatters the world apart,

hidden I lie under a  shroud

covering the luminous circle round!


bedazzled by the sparkle of love

many hath run away ,stayed none,

for the heart shone like radiant gold

with diamonds studded as precious stones..

some envied,some hath died,

out of rage and fury for a while

i shy away from the world in dark…

concealing the lucent debark …


Yet ,failingly some catch a glimpse,

touch they to have a feel

burns the hands of those who play

with the evil in their minds while sweet words say!


Sheepishly, I stand beside,

smiling with a gentle smile,

wary of every step near

deliberately going behind….


yet,awaits the heart

for the love…

which could bear the scorching sun

in cold nights to become an embrace,

kissing my forehead ,like an ardent lover…


A pure and a sublime soul

an invisible end ,where I oar

entwined by silken threads

of love

since aeon…