Seraph , in her disguise

walks amidst the crowded street,

In the lanes of the souq,

Where Turkish lamps lit…


Around the corner,was a  shop,

diffused  from where ,the fragrance of incense strong

A perfume of jasmine doused

The restless minds of the bazaar…

She waded quickly through the mob,

Her zardosi robe was kissing the ground since long…


A sudden strong gush of wind,

blew her veil

 a glimpse,I saw…

for the heaven too couldn’t hide,

The beauty of the divine …

  Flowing golden cascade of hair,

The mesmerizing dark kohl eyes


The green sapphire sparkled on her hand

beautiful earrings dangled to kiss the strands

An aura luminous reflected beside

The darkest alley became white and bright…


And lo! She flew like an angel,

Vanishing in the group of people,

Impatiently I looked for her,

to have a glance

to feel the breeze,

but the grey clouds moved hurriedly,

covering the radiant moon placidly…





    1. Thank you Neeraj! The picture was taken while on our trip to Istanbul and the street most famous of there..Istiklal street…Im glad you enjoyed the verse.

  1. I have no words describe the magic as you start typing, Soumya. I feel I am in Turkey, right now. Whoa! What a feeling! Beautifully description of the girl walking alone on the Turkish streets..a reader’s delight:)

  2. Bohot khoobsoorat !
    Ap ka sheri sense ak – sundarta pan – main taraqqi karta hay. ird-gird main barpaa honay walay bohot mamooli incidences main bhi bohot khaas qism ki jhalkiaaN ap catch karleti hain. ye ap ka sheri wajdaan hay jo — kuch nahi — say “bohot kuch” extract karleta hay.
    daad, bohot si daad !

    1. Shukriya Rafi! In shabdon mein chipe us marm ko bhi janane ke liye gehrayi chahiye. aap ki baaton mein ho hai,jo inhe padh sakte hai…
      Zindagi ki tamam khushiyan avum sundarta inhi choti si sadharan cheezon mein hai,
      varna,umra nikal jaati hai jeene mein,
      aakhri waqt yaad aata hai,sukoon se saans lena!

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