Of the saffron ball that shone like gold,
through the veiled clouds soaring
new leaflets bloomed in ecstasy
as the divergent rays ran sparkling…

around the altar ,moved the pious feet
the celestial urn held around her waist
incense diffused fragrance
water sprinkling over the brim…

like a statuette adorned,
her forehead marks a dot of vermillion
bedecked with bangles,her arms tinkle,
trinkets sound around the ankle…

draped with immaculate cloth
radiantly stands her image
she,the paragon of divine love
glows endlessly since ages!

18 thoughts on “PARAGON OF DIVINE LOVE !

  1. She chases the rainbow, with dreams in her eyes;
    She is oblivious of ways of the world as she sinks in happiness;
    She is the one that matters and the world can sit and crib;
    It’s her life as she gonna enjoy her beauty.
    Cherry on cake, Soumya:)

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