The current situation in Syria is the one of the worst of ever happened in mankind. There have been other wars too but here the total number of children that have succumbed to the tunnels of death are enormous.There is never an end to the discussion or any kind of explanation regarding such outbreak of war but the fact remains is people are suffering and so are children.And that is the worst and the most helpless part! I dedicate these few lines to the land and soul of Syria!

Weeps the land of Al Sham,

An eerie silence follows the enormous explosion


There’s no other  ammunition left,

cried the children ,in fear they fled

wandering through the lanes of dead

some searching for their kith,

Rest onlooked their kin getting  slayed…


Millions sleep to the ultimate rest

How come the heart doesn’t shred

bullets shot from whose guns…

is that what fetches the wrenched bargain!!!


Were they the saviors of the land ,       

or the ones who rebelled…

Unscathed wounds now bare

The deep secrets of the selfish humans…


Who holds the throne, golden embellished,

coated with scarlet blood of friends

What use the game of power

like pawns if treated in game of chess,

if the future of earth is marked with terror

What reign and regime the realm save?


For now the nation burns ablaze

innocents die a merciless death…

The future lies in darkness

helpless  brood  fall

like scattered

Under  Sarin ,the chemical weapon

Stop ! O! Mercenaries’

of  the blood

…open thy inner eyes for a second

Listen to the depths of your voice

Does it allow such massacre!!!

photocredit: www.latitudenews.com 

A girl stands on debris next to a damaged building at a besieged area of Homs





28 thoughts on ““WEEPS AL- SHAM”

    • soumyav September 3, 2013 / 1:50 pm

      Thank you Stefan for reblogging!

  1. ledrakenoir September 3, 2013 / 11:38 am

    Very well written – what a cruel world, sorry for the syrian people… :-/

    • soumyav September 3, 2013 / 1:53 pm

      Thanks Drake for being here. Syrian suffers and even the rest get affected with such effects of war. every war brings an aftermath.

  2. Rafiullah Mian September 3, 2013 / 11:58 am

    Alas, another human tragedy — a vast catastrophe
    Soumya, you are penned very well but it is a painful situation and it is feared that it would be engulfed all the world at once.

    • soumyav September 3, 2013 / 1:54 pm

      Yes Rafi,it is a tragedy and u r right if the fire isn’t stopped it shall burn the whole world,yet what requires is the sanctity and serenity of heart and souls to extinguish such inflammable minds.

  3. neelkanth September 3, 2013 / 12:06 pm

    This is what causes the hearts to bleed. I join you in your call ‘Stop! O! Mercenaries’.

    • soumyav September 3, 2013 / 1:55 pm

      Thanks a lot Sir!

  4. Ye Pirate September 3, 2013 / 2:04 pm

    You have the most wonderful heart. I think it is so important, just, incredible that you penned this poem and introduction. I will try to visit your pages more often. Your humanism is powerful.

    • soumyav September 3, 2013 / 2:35 pm

      Thank you Pirate for being here after a long break! Indeed humanity is the greatest virtue and we all should strive to treasure it. as for this post ,we all are aware of the situation that is currently presiding there and yet we remain helpless.Neither force nor any intervention can stop this unless very heart realizes the consequences to this.

  5. vishalbheeroo September 3, 2013 / 2:14 pm

    When are we gonna to understand how wars are ripping the souls of innocent beings. The heart is teared apart when we see the killing of innocent children. A perfect tribute to the victims, Soumya.

    • soumyav September 3, 2013 / 2:25 pm

      Very true Vishal! Every war has left us with gruesome and tragic aftermath,yet everytime there is a new war waging for every other reason. And it can never be the solution for any conflict or discrepancies.What is left is a destroyed culture,nation and fragmented humanity.

  6. Manu Kurup September 3, 2013 / 4:27 pm

    These are horrible times indeed. It shook my so terribly and I couldn’t even write my anger out. These kind of incidents tend to make a man weave a stronger cocoon to hide himself and I am ashamed to say that’s exactly what I am doing now. 😦

    • soumyav September 4, 2013 / 9:48 am

      I can understand Manu! Sometimes they do leave us more shocked and mum,when we cannot express our anguish and helplessness . I too have felt it before in other circumstances,for it is very hard for us to digest such cruel behaviour.

  7. midnighthues September 3, 2013 / 7:59 pm

    Terrible massacre! We can only make people aware by writing. Keep awakening the hearts by your writing Soumya! Peace!

    • soumyav September 4, 2013 / 9:44 am

      Yes Aparna! Tht is what we can at least do,making everyone aware and spread a word of peace.

  8. Wendell A. Brown September 3, 2013 / 9:14 pm

    Your words are always so genuinely real and so very heartfelt! A real gem Soumyav!

    • soumyav September 4, 2013 / 9:45 am

      Thanks Wendell. When we talk of God,its natural peace is there around us and I feel we need to speak about this peace further to let the presence of the God to be felt .

  9. I Am Jasmine Kyle September 4, 2013 / 4:42 pm

    I can’t look at a child and not feel like they are not MY child. I don’t think any time passes between one man made disaster after another. Were like an abusive family we don’t know how to live with out chaos so we make chaos, If we could just treat each other with respect our species may make it. Or be one WORTH making it!

    • soumyav September 5, 2013 / 9:01 am

      Yes Jasmine,you are right,there isn’t a moment when a tragedy is cleared and another arises out of nowhere. WE are constantly in a phase of change and learning,where when people get mislead and follow wrong paths to achieve their selfish aims,such crisis arises. you are very correct in saying we should be respecting each other and should be making this life worth enough to live rather than being in such state of affairs.

      • I Am Jasmine Kyle September 5, 2013 / 4:23 pm

        Well when are we running as world ruler? I’m game! I’ll be VP!

        • soumyav September 5, 2013 / 6:09 pm

          sure! someday perhaps! 🙂

  10. shawnrjones12 September 5, 2013 / 2:08 am

    You bless the world with your tender heart. I feel the same as you do and fully understand. Only if everyone felt all children were their children. Blessings to you!

    • soumyav September 5, 2013 / 9:04 am

      Thanks Shawn for sharing your thought and feelings as well. We need to spread the word of this compassionate love and make everyone realize we all think alike. I am glad you and touched that you too feel the same way!

  11. drsuraiyanasim September 10, 2013 / 3:01 pm

    Whatz happening in Syria is heartwrenching. 😥
    Your poetry takes us to the depths of that pain.

    • soumyav September 10, 2013 / 11:28 pm

      Iam grateful that this poem took you to the real plight of the people and children in Syria . Sometime sit is a helpless situation,yet we need to try at least thru words.

      • drsuraiyanasim September 11, 2013 / 10:24 am

        You are right. Our hearts go out to the people there….
        Let’s pray that the civil war ends soon…

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